16 swing YCL Lathes

YCL 1640 and 1660 Heavy Duty Engine Lathes

 What a Great Value for your investment.. Super Heavy Duty, Cast Base, Geared Head Stock, Removeable Gap.

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Included Standard: Taper Attachment, 3 and 4 jaw chucks, face plate, Steady Rest with Roller Jaws, Follow Rest, 4 way tool post, 2 dead centers, reducing sleeve, full length splash guard, foot brake, halogen work lamp, coolant system, auto kick out carriage stop

Swing over bed16 1/8″16 1/8″
Swing over cross slide  8 13 16″8 13 /16″
Swing over gap bed25 3/16″25 3/16″
Width of Gap9 1/2″9 1/2″
Width of Bed11 13/16″11 13/16″
Distance between centers40″60″
Hole thru spindle2  9/32″2   9/32″
Tail stock spindle travel4  13/16″4   13/16″
Cross Slide travel12  13/16″12   13/16″
Tool Slide travel5″5″
Taper of Spindle boreMT #6MT6″
Spindle Nose taperD1-6D1-6
Tail stock taper    MT #4MT #$
Tail Stock Quill Diameter2 3/8″2   3/8″
Spindle Speeds  1225 -2000 rpm25 – 2000 rpm
Threads  Metric  41 kinds0.01 – 14MM0.01 – 14MM
Threads  Inch  60 Kinds2 – 112 TPI2 – 112TPI
Main Motor7.5 HP7.5 HP
Coolant Pump Motor1/8 Hp1/8 Hp
Overall Dimensions86″ X 41″ X 53″107″ X 41″ X 53″
Net Weight, LBS4.100  Lbs5,100 Lbs

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JFK,  5 C Lever Type Collet Closer

Digital Read Out… Call for discounted pricing on name brand systems.